June 21, 2011

Touch of the death (Tì'ampi kxitxä)

Yesterday I nearly died ... (overcolouring)
While biking from lunch back to the office, one moron in delivery van didn't give me the way, so I had to brake with all my power. Dammit !! I stopped on the place, so no accident occurred,  however I fall down from the bike, broke the front lamp and spilled cherries I had in the bag. Nothing awful happened, only some abrasion and big shock. Glass of brandy would be great ... I don't believe in God, but he probably exists. Hello, up there, thank you!

Kxitx 'olampi oeru trram ... Srekamtrr kolä wrrpa fte yivom. Tengkrr tarmätxaw, oel molakto oeyä pa'litsyìpit lefngap, slä tsawla pa'li lefngap fpolak oeyä fya'ot. Oe zolene tìftang sivi nìwin ulte zolup ne kllte. Lu oeru skxirtsyìp mì hinam nì'aw. Irayo si ngaru, ma Nawma Sa'nok. Nga lrrtok sami oeru, ha oe emroley...

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