July 2, 2011

Accused of theft

I was accused of theft in our office. Pah! My colleague lost one part of product we prepared for our customer. As it needs to be delivered next week, he promissed bottle of wine if someone find it.
All people in the company were searching for this, but no success.
Even my boss was trying to find it, as this part is difficult to produce. He looked into my drawer - and surprisingly he found it there, although a few minutes before drawer was empty! He told me that I stole it - because it is blue!! (I'm an Avatar fan, so I'm expected to love everything blue).
Pah - I'm sure he found it somewhere by change and put it into drawer to make me mad and to get wine from our colleague. What a shame!
I told him that he offended me and that's why I won't come into office anymore. It is true at least for one week, because I have holiday, HRH! But weather is rainy, hell!

1 comment:

  1. Tsa-hey, that is really a bad thing they pulled on you, ma Blue Elf!! Why would you steal something that is made for a customer? These people should grow up and not try to anger you.

    I hope the weather gets nice for you, a vacation should have good weather.
    Kintrr lefpom lu ngaru, ma 'eylan!