June 11, 2011

Avatar and related stuff

Well, I don't take care about films too much, so I missed Avatar launch at December 2009. I've heard about it first time some time in the summer 2010, but didn't managed to see it. I said myself: No problem, just another movie I didn't seen....
But at the end of 2010 I got by chance cinema programme into my hands and I saw - Avatar is here again (oel fpìl futa tsaw lolu aungia ta Eywa). So I saw it first time with one year's delay.
This movie left me out of breath, also because it was my first movie seen in 3D. I was impressed very much. I wanted to learn more about the film and was surprised when I discovered, that Na'vi is living language with its own community around learnnavi.org and even Czech dictionary and grammar exist. So I decided to try to learn this interesting language, although I'm considered to be weird.
Some resources:
Avatar @ Wikipedia EN
Avatar @ Wikipedia CZ
Avatar Wikia
Avatar world (CZ)
Naviteri - language updates
Masempul - Prrton's blog
Official movie web
Avatar 2 and 3 announcement
Some training web (outdated)
Tirea Radio
Avatar parody (for IT people)
Avatar - links site (CZ)
Avatar - SK fan site
Avatar blog CZ
Another CZ fansite (Edna.cz)
Spoken Na'vi words by Omängum Frau'ti & others
Dict-Navi (spoken Na'vi by our Deutsche eylan)
Some Na'vi lessons
Acronyms nìNa'vi
Prezzi lessons by Le'eylan
And some Youtube videos about drawing and avatarization
Neytiri 1
Neytiri 2
Neytiri 3
Ma Taronyu

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