July 28, 2012

Geohunt madness

On last Saturday I was on trip. My wife with daughters was at the sea, so why to sit at home. I had plan to go by car to Vsetín, than continue by train or bus to Bystřička, go to dam (here is recreation area) and by walk back to Vsetín. I went through this path already, is takes about 20 kilometres. But I'm also geocacher, so let's look what we can do in this area. Whoa, I found about 40 caches here - it is real madness! Of course not all are on my path, but in surrounding places. How to optimize my traveling to find as many caches as possible? Solution was to go directly to dam by bus, go circle trace here and continue to Vsetín.

Easy to say and go there, but... time planing  is the hardest part. Due to bus delay I arrived at 10:30 and went to the start of 10 caches serie, which should take about an hour. But it took more than hour to get there, although I've also found one cache out of this serie. And complete serie took about two and half hours. Well, searching requires some time, especially when you misinterpret hint...
So I ended at the time when I should be on the way back to Vsetín. Ok, I'll try some other cache and return by bus. As I was hungry, I've selected the shortest possible path - the direct line. No problem, GPS lead me correctly, but another hour left. I found next cache and another one had to give up and as quickly as possible went to restaurant. It was some more than hour to bus departure, so I eat some food and tried my last multi-cache, but I found that I have coordinates just for first stage, other two were missing. Damn!
Okay, I'll be back again in the future and find them all. Finally I have 13 caches collected, that's fair good number too. Day was spent in correct way.

July 19, 2012

Tuté ateyr-na-herwì sì taronyu

Maw krr angim oel fìtrrpxeyve tok tsengit a fko tsun tsive'a ayrelit ulte tìng nari ayrelur arusikx alu Tuté ateyr-na-herwì sì taronyu. Lu spuwina vur a sute peng evengur krra fo kä fte hivahaw. Kxawm fraporu smon fìvur slä fìalo fkol ngolop vurit alahe. Steng, slä keteng nìwotx.

Vur a smon suteru lu fyin, slä ayrel arusikx fkol ngolop fa vur letsim a mesmukan alu Grimm pamrel soli. Nga tsun rivun fìtsenge sutanit ahì'i alu *dwarfs, fkxenit atxumnga' alu *poisoned apple, sì kop ayvrrtepit lena'rìng, ewllit a tsawlslu mì Eywa'eveng, ayelfì, ayspxamit a lu poru nari sì lahea ewllit sì aywiräti.

Vrrtep leutral

Tuté ateyr-na-herwì lu 'ite eyktana. Krra peyä sa'nok terkup, eyktan muntxa si tutéru alahe, slä poel tspang pot ye'rìn ulte spe'e Tutéti ateyr-na-herwì. Mipa eyktate lu kawng, poe new livu 'ewan si sevin frakrr ulte munge sneyä tìlorit ftu 'ewana evenge.

Eyktate akawng

Krra Tuté ateyr-na-herwì slu fyeyntu, eyktate new tspivang pot nìteng fte slivu ketsukterkup ulte 'ewan tì'i'avay krrä.
Slä Tuté ateyr-na-herwì hifwo ne Na'rìng Alayon. Eyktatel fpe' Taronyuti fte stivä'nì pot ulte mivunge ne'ìm.

Tuté ateyr-na-herwì sì taronyu
Pol run pot, slä srung si poeru wä eyktate. Mefol ultxarun sutanit ahì'i ('awpo a fokip lam oeru teng na 'awa tutan ahì'i a ta "Eyktan aypawzekwäyä" alu Gimli) a spe'e mefot.

Slä fol run futa Tuté ateyr-na-herwì tsun zivong atkxeti (krra teyra yerikìl hu ayvul a mì re'o 'ärìp re'oti sneyä (tsakrr plltxe eykyu suteyä ahì'i san ...Poe nì'awtu lu tìrey ulte tsun zivong fìatxkxe. Poe lu mal...) )

Pehem nong? Txo livu ayngaru skxom, tìng nari! Lu txansana ayrel arusikx ulte oeru sunu.

Aylì'u angawnop:
eyktate - woman leader, queen
elfì - elf, small person with sharp ears
Eyktan aypawzekwäyä - Lord of Rings

Txo nivew tsive'a ayrelit nì'ul, kä fìtsenge.

July 14, 2012

Undercity cave

Last Friday I was on another geo-hunt. I found that in our city is cache, located in some forgotten old cave, with lake. Entrance is at the shore of river, near big shopping centre. So, I prepared some equipment, like rubber boots and torch. According the listing I though there's a big cave with stalactites, but....
After a few meters after entrance I entered the sewer, quite big so I was able to stand without problems (I'm 190 centimeters tall...). I went more than 200 meters (it was distance needed to reach the cache), but found nothing. Just something like small "bath-tub" (30 x70 cm).
However I was not disappointed - it was exciting to walk under the city. At home I read records of previous visitors of the cave and.... well, I became victim of geo-joke, I think.
Cave in fact was eartch-cache, so nothing to find. And lake in the cave - was that bath-tub I found :)
So it was big joke and simply I caught myself. It is nice if there are people what can create such funny actions.

July 7, 2012

Wallachian day - Trr Walakiayä

Hama trrkive oe kolä hu soaia oeyä ne tsray alu Prlov. Pelun? Tsatsenge lolu ftxozä alu Trr Walakiayä. Eveng tsolun mivakto pa'lit (tsakem sunu oeyä meiteru), mivay' tìkangkemit aspuwin, natkenong tìngusop hìngä a ta nikre swirayä.

Tìngusop hìngä
Nìteng fko tsolun kivanom Walakiayä ayut sì aywutsot, fu stivawm pamtseot. Lu trr a'o' soaiaru nìwotx.
Oeyä 'itel makto pa'lit