June 21, 2011

Touch of the death (Tì'ampi kxitxä)

Yesterday I nearly died ... (overcolouring)
While biking from lunch back to the office, one moron in delivery van didn't give me the way, so I had to brake with all my power. Dammit !! I stopped on the place, so no accident occurred,  however I fall down from the bike, broke the front lamp and spilled cherries I had in the bag. Nothing awful happened, only some abrasion and big shock. Glass of brandy would be great ... I don't believe in God, but he probably exists. Hello, up there, thank you!

Kxitx 'olampi oeru trram ... Srekamtrr kolä wrrpa fte yivom. Tengkrr tarmätxaw, oel molakto oeyä pa'litsyìpit lefngap, slä tsawla pa'li lefngap fpolak oeyä fya'ot. Oe zolene tìftang sivi nìwin ulte zolup ne kllte. Lu oeru skxirtsyìp mì hinam nì'aw. Irayo si ngaru, ma Nawma Sa'nok. Nga lrrtok sami oeru, ha oe emroley...

June 19, 2011

Kelkutìkangkem hama sänumviru PNg

Fì'u lu oeyä kelkutìkangkem a kem sami sre mehintrr
Ayoe pehem simvi?
Oel rolun mevohina aylì'ut:
Ftär->skien: palulukan, seyri, pa'li, na'vi
Skien->ftär: som, kxam, txep, txantsan
Ta'em->nekll: rey, apxa, pxey, ohakx, wew, nari, sevin
Nekll->nefä: new, yerik, ean, moe, ontu, mip, vay, vur

Ulte pamrel angawnop fa tsalì'u:
Yerik new rivey, tafral tul neto eo palulukan a 'efu ohakx.
Moel alu sevina Neytiri oesì tse'a tsat ulte ke tsun spivaw moeyä aynariru.
Txantsan! Yerik lolu nìwin to palalukan.
Moel makto mefa'lit ulte pxeyvea pa'li a lu wewa ontu apxa zola'u kxam moe.
Oel ngerop txepìl fte 'ivefu som.
Na'vi lu ean nìwotx, foru lu keng eana seyri.
Aynga tsun tivìng mikyun fìvurur vaykrr aynga slu lekye'ung.

June 12, 2011

Ayoel folrrfen oeyä sa'nu

Fìtrr oel hu mevenge folrrfen oeyä sa'nut. Yafkeyk lolu sìltsan , tsawkel tolìng atanit sì tìsomit. Ayoel yolom wutsot ulte mawkrr sa'nok uvan soli hu meveng. Oel volewng ewllit ulte stolarsìm ayfxkenit atum.
Ha'ngir taw tstu soli ulte tompameyp zola'u.
Sreton'ong oe 'efu som. Lu oeru txal anekx fa tsawke! Ma tsawke, tsaw lu kawng ulte txal tìsraw seri! Oe yäpolur fa pay awew ulte sì'efu oeyä lu sìltsan nì'ul.

June 11, 2011

Avatar and related stuff

Well, I don't take care about films too much, so I missed Avatar launch at December 2009. I've heard about it first time some time in the summer 2010, but didn't managed to see it. I said myself: No problem, just another movie I didn't seen....
But at the end of 2010 I got by chance cinema programme into my hands and I saw - Avatar is here again (oel fpìl futa tsaw lolu aungia ta Eywa). So I saw it first time with one year's delay.
This movie left me out of breath, also because it was my first movie seen in 3D. I was impressed very much. I wanted to learn more about the film and was surprised when I discovered, that Na'vi is living language with its own community around learnnavi.org and even Czech dictionary and grammar exist. So I decided to try to learn this interesting language, although I'm considered to be weird.
Some resources:
Avatar @ Wikipedia EN
Avatar @ Wikipedia CZ
Avatar Wikia
Avatar world (CZ)
Naviteri - language updates
Masempul - Prrton's blog
Official movie web
Avatar 2 and 3 announcement
Some training web (outdated)
Tirea Radio
Avatar parody (for IT people)
Avatar - links site (CZ)
Avatar - SK fan site
Avatar blog CZ
Another CZ fansite (Edna.cz)
Spoken Na'vi words by Omängum Frau'ti & others
Dict-Navi (spoken Na'vi by our Deutsche eylan)
Some Na'vi lessons
Acronyms nìNa'vi
Prezzi lessons by Le'eylan
And some Youtube videos about drawing and avatarization
Neytiri 1
Neytiri 2
Neytiri 3
Ma Taronyu

June 10, 2011

Sänumvi fìtrrä

Fìsresrr'ong oel tolok numtsengit alu Ngaynume ulte ayoeä tsmukan Puvomun pamrel soli 'awa säfpìlur lefpom :
"Poan lu sa'nok nìteng" (nì'Ìnglìsì: He is mother too)
Hahaha, tsaw lu teng na säplltxe ta ayrel arusikx alu "Life of Brian" by Monty Python. 'Awa tutan apuslltxe nìkawng poltxe tsatseng (nì'Ìnglìsì):
"My father was woman" (instead of Roman)
Tse, oeru tìkxey nìteng, slä keyey oeyä ke lu lefpom.
Irayo si ma Puvomun, lrrtok lu nìltsan

June 9, 2011

Oe 'efu ngeyn fìtrr

Fìtrr oe 'efu ngeyn nì'it. Txonam oel nolìn weptsengit alu LN txana krr ulte pamrel soli sì'eyngur mì upxare fängkxoyu alahe. Kop tompa zera'u fìtsenge, ha lu krr asìltsan fte hivahaw. Oe zene kivä fte hivahaw ye'krr txon'ongmaw.

June 5, 2011

Meeting with friends

This weekend I had a meeting with my friends from the university. It took place in Štiavnické vrchy at lake of Počúvadlo in Slovakia.
I left Zlín (my home) on Friday at 19:40 and went towards to Trenčín and further to our place. Traveling was pleasant, it was evening already, but still shiny and low traffic. I was listening  to Nightswish on my audio and enjoyed driving in all ways (I love it if I'm not in a hurry, isn't hot and I'm driving alone). Road passes mountains on the borders of Slovakia, there was fog in the valleys and pleasant cool.

I reached Bánovce nad Bebravou without problems. Here I switched on my na'vi-gation (HRH) (it is Nokia with Ovi map software) and continued my travel. Suddenly after a few turns in one village I reached fields. I was very surprised, but it was already dark and I didn't know where exactly I am. So I used this field road, although I had to drive carefully as it was full of pot-holes.
Luckily I got the normal road again, but I wasn't sure if I'm going the right way. However there were no other problems until Žarnovica. It is quite near of my destination, so I followed navigation without doubts. I entered another village and turned side road. It lead to the forest and there was closed turn-buckle over it. Ooops, something goes wrong! I checked my 15 years old paper map (not too detailed) and really, there wasn't any usable road.
Ok, let's go back and try another one. I found such road and was able to move along. In the center of next village navigation said to turn right, that road was quite narrow and steep up. I checked map again - all was Ok, so I continued up to the top. Here was another village and signpost showing futher road into the forest, which was even narrower, quite broken and steep down. I went there about kilometer, but I couldn't believe that it is correct direction, even navigation showed nothing.
I returned back and trie to go straight, but ended up in cottage area and navigation pointed me into forest. I wasn't happy at all and completely confused up. Finally I tried first road again while thinking of stop here and wait until the morning. However Eywa was smiling at me and I reached standard road again in a few kilometers. I felt I'm almost where I need, but I was quite tired, there was many double turns and nausea was touching me. On the navigation I've seens lakes near me, but I didn't see anything in the night. Finally I reached our pension a few minutes before 23:30 completely out of power.
All my friends were there and fall down launching where I told them my story. I've picked up the worst road.... They oferred me plum brandy and I added myself to the amusement. We were talking about everything and nothing and went to bed very late.

On Saturday I got up at 8:30. Most of friend were at the lake, as Grizly is fisher and he was angling. He caught many small fishes and threw them back to the lake, but he was also able to catch big pike few minutes before my arrival. He threw it back too, so I could see it only on photo. Weather was sunny and beatiful.
After breakfast we did a walk around the lake. There was a hotel at opposite shore and typical Slovak reastaurant. It was a mini zoo at the hotel with ponny, white donkey, roe-buck, small pigs and some poultry. I regret that my daughters aren't here too, they'd like it very much.
Then we awaited our last friends while drinking beer and talking. They arrived after eleven o'clock and at the noon we started "trek" to the peak of Sitno (1009 meters high). Footpath lead through the forest, what was excelent because of sun. It took less than hour to reach the top. We met many tourists here. There's lookout tower at the peak with small buffet.
Here we had a long break. Grizly is also geocacher, so he found a cache here. We descended at about 15:00 and had a lunch. I played biliar with Laco, my best friend. I won, but by his mistake - he put black orb into hole too early. Later was time for a sport - we played football. Result was quite good - about 14:11 (I don't remember exactly) and I was member of winning team. But I was hit two times into chin.
At evening Grizly tried to angling again, but not very succesfully. Next to our pension was a small restaurant with live country music, he had a good time there.

On Sunday I went to Sitno peak again with Martin at 6 am, as day before he was lazy to go with us. After our return we had breakfast and then was time to say goodbye.
I went back the same way. A few friends wanted to see that road, so we made convoy. Road was completely different during the day. Everything was clear and no problem. Very interesting to compare same places in the day and night.
As way continued, friends were disconnecting - we always blowed the horn and behind the Bánovce I was alone. Goodbye my friends and see you next time!
Some pictures from this meeting are here