March 22, 2013

Tsakem si set

Nìsok oel fwolew säomumot mì eltu lefngap oeyä. Oel inan pamrelit sì nìn ayrelit ulte rolun aylì'u atxantslusam. Sweylu txo awnga livek sat hufwa tsakem ketsunslu frakrr.... Ivinan ulte fpivìl.

'Eylanìl oeyä munge 'uot moftu mutxateyä sneyä. Lolu tsaw pen alor. Pol nìn sì 'ampi sat. Poleng oeru:
- San oel tìng poeru faypenit krra nì'awve tolok moel tsrayit apxa. Tsatseng sìltsana säftxuyu rey ulte ngerop aypen akosman. Stum vomuna zìsìt ftolem tsakrrta. Poel kawkrr ke yemstokx kea hapxìt tsapxenä. Po nolew tsakem sivi krra zeya ftxozä za'u. Fpìl oe, tsaswaw zola'u pxiset sìk.
Pol yem penit ne sästarsìm lahea ayuä a new fpive' ne sute a kllyem sutet akerusey. Muntxate peyä tìmerkup. 'Eylan mìn ne oe tengkrr plltxe:
- San zeya trrìri kawkrr ke pivey. Fratrr lu zey tengkrr nga rey sìk.
Mi fperìl teri aylì'u peyä taluna leykatem tìreyit oeyä.

Fìtrr oel erinan fukit nì'ul nìtxan ulte vezeyko nìnän. Klltxay lok kelku ulte nìn lora aysulangit luke fwa tse'a ewllit akelsar. Käteng nì'ul hu soaia sì eylan ulte tìkangkem si nìnän. Futa tìrey lu sästarsìm aylieyä a fko zene zivong, tslolam oel. Fìtrrta oel ke'ut ke wan ki sar mipa snganit frakrr. Oel yemstokx penit leftxozä krra new oe. Nìteng oel sar nìtrrtrr ayfahewit a sunu oeru. Trrìri ftxozäyä oe ke pey. Tswama' oel aylì'uti alu san Zusakrrmì oe tsakem si...sìk. Krra tsakem lu pxan, new oe stivawm, tsive'a sì tsakem sivi set. Nìngay oel ke omum kemit a muntxate 'eylanä sivi txo ivomum futa trray pol ke tok fìtsenget li.

Lì'utsyìpit alu trray awngal serar pxìm nìftue nìhawng. Fpìl oel futa poe syilvaw soaiaru sì eylanur asìltsan frato fa spulmokri. Kxawm po pivängkxo hu lahea eylan fte tsap'alute sivi talun sìwäte fu zeykivo sìngäzìkit. Nìteng sunu oeru säfpìl a po kivä ne tseng wutsoä fte yivom sneyä syuvet ayawne. Lu hì'ia frakem akehasey-sawni a hultstxem oet txo ivomum oel futa aysrr oeyä 'eri'a. Oe livu kemawey txo smivon oeru fwa ke tsivun tsive'a eylanit a nolew oe ultxa sivi 'awvea alo zusawkrrmì. Oe livu kemawey txo ke pamrel sivi oe upxareru a nolew oe pamrel sivi mì srr a'awve zusawkrrmì. 'Ivefu oe keftxo, txo ke tsolun piveng yawnetur oeyä fayluta Nga yawne lu oer fìtxan.
Set oeri kawkrr ke lu hawngkrr frakemo si. Ke'ut a tsun mivunge tìprrte'it sì lrrtokit nemfa tìrey oeyä oel ke wan fpi lahea krr.
Päperlltxe san Fratrr, fratrrvi, fraswaw lu keteng, lu zey....

Original text was in Czech, but I believe it exist in many languages and maybe you received it by mail. For those who do not know it, I translated it into English too.

My friend opened drawer of his wife's commode and took out package wrapped up in silky paper. It wasn't some ordinary package, it contained beautiful underwear. He discarded paper and looked at silk and laces.
"I bought it to her when we were in New York for first time. Eight or nine years passed by since that time. She never put it on. She wanted to leave it for special ocassion. Now, I think, that moment came."
He approached bed and placed the underwear to other things he wanted to send to funeral parlor. His wife recently died. He turned to me and said:
"Do not postpone anything for special ocassion; every day you live is exceptional."
I still think about his words because they changed my life.

Today I read much more than before and tidy much less. I'm sitting in the garden and enjoy the nature without noticing the weeds. I'm spending more time with family and with my friends and less time in the work. I realized that life is collection of experience which one must save. Since this time I don't hide anything. I use my crystal cups every day. If I want, I take my new jacket when I go to do shopping into market. Also I use my favorite smells every time I want, I do not retain them for holidays.
Words like "one day I'll do...." disappeared from my vocabulary. If it is worth, I want things now and I want them to see, hear, feel and do them. I'm not quite sure what wife of my friend would do if she'd know that tomorrow she will not be here anymore.

Tomorrow - we take this small word easy too often. I think she'd call to her family and to nearest friends. Maybe she'd call also to other friends to make it up with them or apologize for quarels. I also like idea that she'd goto Chinese restaurant to eat her favorite meal. These are all small unfinished actions, which would trouble me in case I know that my days are finished. It'd make me nervous if I couldn't see friends I wanted to meet "one day".  It'd make me nervous if I couldn't write letters I wanted to write "one day". It'd make me nervous if I wouldn't say often enough to my honey how I love her.
Now I don't miss anything. Nothing, what can bring joy and smile into my life, I don't shift off and not postpone for later time.
I'm saying myself, that every day is special,.... every day, hour, every minute is something exceptional.

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