July 14, 2012

Undercity cave

Last Friday I was on another geo-hunt. I found that in our city is cache, located in some forgotten old cave, with lake. Entrance is at the shore of river, near big shopping centre. So, I prepared some equipment, like rubber boots and torch. According the listing I though there's a big cave with stalactites, but....
After a few meters after entrance I entered the sewer, quite big so I was able to stand without problems (I'm 190 centimeters tall...). I went more than 200 meters (it was distance needed to reach the cache), but found nothing. Just something like small "bath-tub" (30 x70 cm).
However I was not disappointed - it was exciting to walk under the city. At home I read records of previous visitors of the cave and.... well, I became victim of geo-joke, I think.
Cave in fact was eartch-cache, so nothing to find. And lake in the cave - was that bath-tub I found :)
So it was big joke and simply I caught myself. It is nice if there are people what can create such funny actions.

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