July 28, 2012

Geohunt madness

On last Saturday I was on trip. My wife with daughters was at the sea, so why to sit at home. I had plan to go by car to Vsetín, than continue by train or bus to Bystřička, go to dam (here is recreation area) and by walk back to Vsetín. I went through this path already, is takes about 20 kilometres. But I'm also geocacher, so let's look what we can do in this area. Whoa, I found about 40 caches here - it is real madness! Of course not all are on my path, but in surrounding places. How to optimize my traveling to find as many caches as possible? Solution was to go directly to dam by bus, go circle trace here and continue to Vsetín.

Easy to say and go there, but... time planing  is the hardest part. Due to bus delay I arrived at 10:30 and went to the start of 10 caches serie, which should take about an hour. But it took more than hour to get there, although I've also found one cache out of this serie. And complete serie took about two and half hours. Well, searching requires some time, especially when you misinterpret hint...
So I ended at the time when I should be on the way back to Vsetín. Ok, I'll try some other cache and return by bus. As I was hungry, I've selected the shortest possible path - the direct line. No problem, GPS lead me correctly, but another hour left. I found next cache and another one had to give up and as quickly as possible went to restaurant. It was some more than hour to bus departure, so I eat some food and tried my last multi-cache, but I found that I have coordinates just for first stage, other two were missing. Damn!
Okay, I'll be back again in the future and find them all. Finally I have 13 caches collected, that's fair good number too. Day was spent in correct way.

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