June 24, 2012

Where the fool is located?

Real life story:
we have created some accounting system which also offers interface for 3rd parties. At one customer, we were asked to store some extra data which 3rd party cashdesk software sends to us. When we did necessary changes, no data are logged. Ok, we called to the vendor:
- Hey, we do not receive data you said you are sending to us. Can you check it?
- No, we are sure we are sending them. Check it on your side.

Okay, we checked, but no error found. So we installed Wireshark to analyze network packets - and we found that those data aren't filled in.
- Ok, said the boss, send them captured data, let they analyze them and repair their stupid mistake.
- Let's stake, was my answer, they will not be able to analyze it.
- Why? They install Wireshark too and can see it. Well, I hope they are able to install such software on their machines.

What was the answer?
They can't analyze network data (as I said), because they aren't allowed to install any software on computers (as boss said). But story continues:
We did another test at the customer with different cashdesk and extra data were received! Boss was angry and sent the mail with complete description and analysis. After some time, vendor called back to us and still was stating that on their side is everything ok.
- We did test on two cashdesks. One sends extra data to us, second one not. You have two different versions of software and one is incorrect. Have you read my mail?
- Yes, but.... Does it mean that problem is really on our side?

YES, ma skxawng, can read or is this just our bad dream? Is fool on our or their side? If I'd hear this story from someone else, I wouldn't believe it.
Lesson: people can't understand something what according their opinion can't come in.

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