June 17, 2012

New amusement

Oel rolun mipa tì'o'ti - I have found a new amusement :) It is geocaching - searching for hidden things named caches using GPS coordinates. How it occurred?
A week ago we had meeting of class friends from the high school (25th anniversary of completion of the school). Two of them mentioned they are geocachers and I remembered last year I was on geo-hunt (see first post of this blog). So, why to not try myself too? One just must register on www.geocaching.com and that's all. I was surprised how many caches are directly in my city and near surrounding. So I spent some time to discover rules, found that my mobile (Nokia 2710) with appropriate software can be used as GPS, downloaded the software and learnt how to use it. And here's result - today I found my first cache (GC2H3G2)! It is very near to my flat, but I visited that place three times:
1/ to collect information needed for getting final coordinates
2/ to find the final position. This time I wasn't successful yet as I did just quick find
3/ to do deep search and finish action!
It was micro (or even nano) size cache - small cylinder of diameter 1 cm and length 1.5 cm, kept by magnet under metal surface. My joy was really big. Even if I will not be cacher with hundreds of found caches, I'm sure it is great amusement. You must often solve quiz to get coordinates and go to the place you won't visit otherwise. That's both good - you train your brain and see new places. Both actions counts.

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