February 3, 2012

Am I skxawng?

Yesterday I wasn't lucky. In the morning I needed to take my younger daughter to my mom, but I couldn't to start my car. It was too cold and battery was on strike. Ok, we had to go by public transport. To speed up my travel to the office I borrowed bicycle from the sister and went on the bike (about 3 kilometers).
When I came to office, I feel as I heard my wife:
"Hey, how did you get here? Don't joke, by bike, really? It's not normal! Hear, I have a good psychiatrist, can I make an appointment for you?"
Well, I must admit, it wasn't great idea as temperature was about 20 Centigrades under zero, my hands and ears were freezing even through gloves and cap. But it saved me some time. So am I skxawng just because of using bike in the winter?
I'm not comfortable with many things, but it is not reason to call someone that he is not normal or even stupid. Let anyone to do what he want - if it doesn't bother anybody, it is ok.
I'm not so called "average person" and I'm glad about it. Such people haven't an easy life...


  1. It’s nearly 20° below zero here as well and I see people daily using there bikes. I’m not doing it because I’m scared to lose grip and fall. So don’t worry about it ;) What you did is neither stupid nor not normal – it’s a means of transportation ;D

  2. It is only -18C here, and I see people on bikes as well. I used the car this morning, though. Had to get my shopping.

  3. Ohh, my Na'vi friends understand me, irayo nìtxan :)