December 24, 2011

Txon ftxozäyä

Lu tì'i'a zìsìtä
fratseng lu fpom
zerup herwì ta'em
fko ke 'efu som

Txon'ong nìk'ong za'u
sute ioi si ayutralur
swoka sireal hawl aystxelit
fte tivìng tsat evengur

Herwì ateyr, utral aean
lu txon ftxozäyä
ayngaru nìwotx syayvi sì fpom
ma eylan ta soaia Na'viyä

Feast night

It's end of the year
everywhere is hapiness
snow falls from the sky
one can't feel hot

Nightfall comes slowly
people adorn the trees
angels prepare gifts
to give them to the children

White snow, blue tree
it's night of the feast
I wish all of you luck and hapiness
friends from family of Na'vi

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