November 26, 2011

Tìrey ke lu muiä

Kxawm smon ayngaru fìlì'fyavi a ta ayrel arusikx alu Eyktan falulukanä. Pelun oe fpìl fìfya?

My older daughter Magdalena attends company of folk dances and songs. She works quite hard and today they have the first public performace. All our family wanted to go to see it. Unfortunately, Magdalena became ill and couldn't take part in the peformace. She even cried because of this. Sad only.
So despite of this I planned to see the performace with my mom. However I got double bad luck, I catched big headache this afternoon (the only expression I can use to describe it is from Monty Python's Flying Circus: My brain hurts), so I finally wasn't able to go.
Well, life's not fair, you work hard, you are looking forward to something and finally all goes wrong. Remember that and you'll be less disappointed....


  1. Awww... I am so sorry to read that... Ngaytxoa nìngay, ma tsmukan.
    Oe sìlpey tsnì Magdalena sì nga 'efu nìltsan set.

    Will there be another performance planned? It would be wonderful if you all could go there then, and see her dance.

    Good luck, may your head be fine

  2. Ngeyä ay'lìuri atstunwi oe irayo seiyi, ma Puvomun.
    Well, I'm fine now - Magdalena not yet (she got some pills), but she feels better. There will be another performaces for sure and I believe we see it next time.