June 30, 2019

Mowing orchid meadow

This weekend there was natural saving event - mowing the orchid meadow in protected landscape area Beskydy. Orchid meadows are located near Huslenky - there is more meadows here (well-known is that one around Hrachovec hill). We were mowing meadow at homestead U Maňáků, because it was completely neglected and unkempt. Grass and various non-local plants, like giant hogweed, completely covers terrain, so orchids can't grow at all. Therefore it is necessary to help the nature and next year we hopefully will be able to see flowers, which should be here.
As a small reward for our work we have seen several animal living at meadows, like grasshoppers, lizzards or even little viper (it was found by one of worker of protected land area, who organized this event).
At the beginning
At 11:00 - end is near
Work over - all done!
Little viper

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