December 30, 2015

Fail of the day

You may know that I'm passionate geocacher. At the end of year I usually go somewhere, where I can find a few last caches of this year. Today I wanted to go by car to Vsetín, city about 40 km from my home, continue by bus to the top of Soláň and go back by walk on mountain crest, while collecting some caches. There was chance to find over 30 caches in single hunt.
Excellent idea! I got up at 5:00 to catch bus at 6:45 from Vsetín. All went well, I was there 10 minutes before departure, bus already at station. It's time to get wallet and buy ticket. Well, I can't find it. Hmm, I even don't remember I put it in my backpack. And where are my documents and driving license? At home, sad to say.... So I get up early only to find that I'm silly person. Day failed so early :(
But, earth still rotates in the same direction, I have GPS full of caches in the surroundings, so I simply change route and everything is ok. Finally I have opportunity to find one special cache hidden in sewer under city. It wasn't easy, as sewer has low ceiling, but fortunately cache is located not  too far from the entrance. And it was quite clean sewer. :)
Of course, I spent my time mostly out of city, in the forest and hills, so I enjoyed day as it was planned. Only difference is number of kilometers walked and number of caches found (24 altogether. Not my record, but not bad).
As they sing in Monty Python's Life of Brian - Always look on the bright side of the life. I did. :)

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