June 9, 2013


Today I went to holiday with my family. Not far, just a few tens kilometers to the Beskydy mountains. But I'm afraid this holiday will be a small disaster.
There was problem at time of departure. We needed to give keys to wife's mother to care about flowers. But when we wanted to give them to her, keys weren't.... Ok, I gave her one of my key, but wife was afraid she forgot them outside of flat. Ok, back home (only a few hundreds meters) - keys weren't outside. Let's go.
In the city I noticed I forgot my notebook. Back home, I need it for searching geocaches! Many new were published in location we are going to! So 3 kilometers back. Wife also said she forgot all toothbrushes. Ok, I took all things and found the lost key. Now we can really leave.
But... another losses were detected at the place. I forgot my slippers and pyjamas are at home too. Good. I'm looking forward to morning to discover what else we left at home. Wiya!

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