May 19, 2012


Well, a week before weather (or temperature) become warm enough to ride the bicycle. I use it for traveling to my workplace - it is faster and cheaper (maybe also healthy :)). A few first days are hard, as legs hurt me at the end of day, body is not used to strain :)
What is problem is track profile. First part of road goes downhill ~ 2 kilometers (not pleasant on cold mornings...), then plain another 2 kilometers, small hill up and down, again plain and finally a few hundred meters uphill at the end of my 10 kilometers long way. It takes big amount of energy to overcome it... and one gets into a sweat a little.
Even worse during return, as final hill is much longer and all my remaining energy is out. But after one or two weeks it is not problem.
However this week morning cold is back, on Friday I had to take gloves, otherwise I probably couldn't remove my hands from handlebar on arrival to my company. Well, ice men (or cold spell in mid-May) this years really came (sadly, they destroyed many plants on my mother's garden).
I hope this is last scream of the winter and bicycling will be pleasant only.

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  1. I ride my bike to work all year round, and I always look forward to the warm weather after the winter - it's such a tease though some years, looks like it's here and then no - back to cold and rain. It's almost June though, so hopefully it will be here to stay soon.