June 30, 2019

Christmas in June

What? Christmas are held in December, near the end of year, but this year, in my city, took place in June. Of course it was funny event created by one member of geocaching community. Exact event date was June 24th, because it is 6 months from previous "real" Christmas and 6 month to next "real" Christmas. Good reason to test whether we are ready for this celebration, right?
To be authentic enough, people were asked to come with skies, sledge or other winter sport equipment and bring some small gift. Organizer brought used spruce tree - well, it was completely dry and brown, as it was tree used during last Christmas, and also christmas sweets. Illusion was nearly perfect, when we were sitting at the tree and fire, only snow and sparklers were missing.
Here you ever tried something like this?

Event link at Geochaching site

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